Portraits and Wisdom from the Mothers of Bahamian Society.

A photographic journey through the faces and wisdom of the women that hold the Bahamas Together.

Their stories

Bahama Mama is photography book comprised of colorful portraits and quotes from the Bahamas’ matriarchs. It reflects the flamboyant colors and vivacious spirit of the women that hold the country together. It looks to capture simple portraits of the raw aesthetic of these women through photographs that accentuate their long lives through the lines on their faces, the bright backgrounds of their environment and powerful gazes that connect with the viewer.

The quotes focus on revealing the humor, anecdotes and timeless wisdom of this generation, which will soon be lost as technology overtakes the islands. They highlight experiences about love, relationships, work and how life in the Bahamas used to be compared to the present as well as home grown wisdom.

See that palm tree over there, that's one of the trees where I collect the straw from, the "top" grow in the middle of the tree. We call it silver top. Throughout my life, my favorite job was plaiting, love that to my heart. With plaiting unlike other jobs, when nothing else come up you sit down idle, your mind start traveling, wandering, but with this, all your thoughts are with this, your mind don't go no ways, it don't travel no ways. My mind wanders to all kinda things. Your sitting down here in the day and you don't make a dollar and you say, oh what's goin on, oh lord it's so dead, where I ga find this dollar from? But if I sit down and plait, i know that's a dollar comin. I ain't gotta wonder. When I am finished that, I know where more "tops" is, cause the silver tops, they grow by the moon, every moon tops come out. Mmhhmm. The best moon to cut tops is the new moon. The tops is softer and it isn't prickley.
- Velva Veneta Edwards
Pirates Well, Mayaguana

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